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Hear What Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay Patients Have to Say

"What a life changer! I tested 20/20 near vision the next day!"

Kelly - Patient of Dulles Eye Associates, Leesburg, VA.

"I spent way too much time looking for reading glasses every day! One day, I looked in a mirror to discover I had TWO pair of glasses on my head! Enough was Enough!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to go about life without those annoying glasses!!"

Shirley - Patient of Atwal Eye Care, Cheektowaga, NY.

"If I can offer advice to someone considering Raindrop I would say, life is short, why spend it unhappily chained to reading glasses? Raindrop is what we all were waiting for!"
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Kevin - Patient of Fichte Endl & Elmer Eye Care, Amherst, NY.

"It is a wonderful feeling to not have to wear glasses and be able to see small print again! I let all my family and friends know about my gradual progress with the Raindrop procedure. I made the right decision; I couldn't be happier."

Robin - Patient of Virdi Eye Clinic, Davenport, IA.

"I was so excited to be free of readers after the procedure. Easily reading my cell phone was the first thing I noticed the very next day. I have since bought a soft top Jeep to match my new found freedom from glasses!"

Trish - Patient of Beach Eye Care, Virginia Beach, VA.

"After Raindrop, I had immediate and incredible improvement. I'm able to read blue prints, fine print on labels and my cell phone without enlarging the font any more. I couldn't be more happy!"

Bruce - Patient of Virdi Eye Clinic, Rock Island, IL.

"I've been utilizing "cheater glasses" to read for nearly 20 years. It's been 60 days since my surgery and my vision keeps getting better every week."

Monte - Patient of Tri-State Centers For Sight, Cinncinatti, OH.

"The surgery was quick, painless, and a huge success - today I am free from having to rely on drugstore readers. I love my Raindrop!"

Susan - Patient of Eye Surgical Associates, Lincoln, NE.

"Just had the procedure yesterday and can already see my tablet and phone without those annoying "cheater" glasses."

Teryl - Patient of Sun Eye Care, El Paso, TX.

"I am so happy to report that since my Raindrop procedure, I no longer possess reading glasses. I have had absolutely no need for them and I look forward to many more years without them!"

Michael - Patient of Fichte Endl & Elmer Eye Care, Amherst, NY.

"After reading the success stories on here, I was excited for the same outcome. It has been seven months post surgery and I am still having blurred vision. I increased the font size to read my texts and emails. And I still need reading glasses. I was hoping for a "happily ever after" story with my Raindrop inlay, but it wasn't meant to be.

Lori -

"I can't believe what I can read now! My phone, my Bible and books! If you're a candidate, I recommend the Raindrop procedure!"

Valerie - Patient of Jenkins Eye Care

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