Laser Surgical Technician Chooses Raindrop

Posted on Thursday, September 14th, 2017

imageI first learned of Raindrop nearly two years ago and was very excited when it was approved last year. As a laser surgical Technician, who has been part of more than 45,000 procedures, I was most impressed by the high percentage of satisfied patients that have had the Raindrop procedure.

After assisting in 13 surgeries in one day myself, all the time having to wear my reading glasses, I made the decision to have my own slice of paradise and rid myself of reading glasses! My procedure was done on my left eye on August 4th at the end of a busy laser day as the last case for Dr. Endl. I felt so confident in both the procedure and my doctor’s abilities, I used a wireless microphone attached to my surgical scrubs and held my iPhone while I streamed my procedure on Facebook live. I also had a coworker use her phone to stream on Facebook for our Office Facebook page as well. To witness and describe every step of the process from a patients point of view can only be described as truly amazing. The ease at which this life changing process unfolds is second to none. I was comfortable during, ecstatic after and since the moment I was finished, I have not worn any reading glasses since! I have assisted in over a dozen procedures since my own procedure, all without glasses.

If I can offer any advice to someone considering Raindrop I would say, life is short, why spend it unhappily chained to reading glasses? The answer is obvious, Raindrop is what we all were waiting for!

Kevin – Patient of Fichte Endl & Elmer Eye Care, Amherst, NY.

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