Look As Sexy As You Feel By Treating Your Presbyopia

Let’s admit it, feeling old can be frustrating. Feeling like you look old is even worse. Though part of the natural aging process fine lines and a few wrinkles can be gentle reminders of a life well-lived and even some sophistication. Reading glasses however? They can add a few unwanted years to your overall look. Never mind the annoyance of having to keep track of your endless pairs of readers around the house.

Are you finally feeling like life is flowing more easily, you are more comfortable in your body than ever before, and really finding your stride? Don’t let your age-related near vision loss hold you back. Your vision should help you see more clearly into the future, not keep you from reading your text messages.

If you are experiencing presbyopic symptoms — that is, having difficulty reading up close — than we have a new, cutting-edge treatment solution for you that will leave the on, off, on, off conversation in the past.

Introducing, The Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay
The Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay is a corneal inlay that is placed in your non-dominant eye in a LASIK-like procedure improving your eyesight within minutes and up to a week post-procedure. It is made up of approximately 80% water out of material similar to that of a contact lens. This small and transparent disc is the first corneal shape changing inlay to offer a long-term solution to presbyopia, or age-related near vision loss, allowing you to drop those reading glasses and reclaim the vision of youth you feel inside.



How Does Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay Work?
The inlay is placed in the non-dominant eye just below the surface. This 10-minute outpatient procedure helps reshape the cornea resulting in the improvement of your near vision.

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