Why is my vision getting worse with age?

We hear this concern a LOT! Your vision is getting worse with age because, to be frank, it’s what happens. It is a common problem plaguing over 100 million adults in the United States, and one that is inevitable. Losing near-vision is natural part of getting older. It’s called presbyopia.

What Is Presbyopia?

Do you struggle with reading labels, recipes, or text messages? Then you are probably living with presbyopia. It is a natural, age-related condition where one’s near-vision, that is, seeing up-close, begins to deteriorate. The blurry vision that occurs is due to the lens losing its elasticity, which makes it challenging to focus on objects that are close-up.


What Causes Presbyopia?

To be simple, age causes presbyopia! And it happens to everyone. Generally, presbyopia is experienced beginning around the age of 40. This natural stiffening of the lens results in blurriness that causes difficulty reading things like menus, newspapers, and labels.


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