3 Ways Your Presbyopia Is Wasting Your Time

How is Presbyopia Wasting Your Time?

Let’s take a step back first – what is presbyopia? Presbyopia is age-related near vision loss, which means you have a difficult time focusing on things close up, like menus, labels, or text messages. It is a natural part of the aging process and something that should not slow you down any longer!

Maybe you aren’t convinced that a long-term solution is of paramount importance, because you are getting by just fine with your readers. Readers are the most common treatment for presbyopia, but aren’t you ready to live in the moment- to be free to just walk into a restaurant, without triple checking that you have your readers?

Let’s take a look at three other ways your presbyopia is wasting your time:

1. Wake Up Call

If you’re like the millions of American adults who struggle daily with the on, off, on, off conversation between your presbyopia and your reading glasses, then you know this morning routine all too well. Check the clock, glasses on. Take a shower, glasses off. Make coffee, glasses on.

Get back some of those precious moments of connecting with your morning coffee by ditching the endless search, the double checking for reading glasses and hitting the road to work with a few minutes to spare.

2. Getting Ready

Shower is complete, but then comes what can be the hardest (and most time consuming) part of the day — getting ready! Admittedly, this one we hear mostly from our female patients, but it does not exclude our male patients. After all, you don’t want aftershave where it doesn’t belong!

Find makeup bag, glasses on. Apply mascara, glasses off. Check to see how you did, glasses on. This cycle is endless, whether it’s in the morning before work or freshening up for happy hour. Eliminate the stress of getting ready, then going back to fix mistakes, by seeking a longer-term solution for your presbyopia.

3. Shopping

Nothing is worse than getting home with the wrong ingredient for the recipe you planned to make for dinner. You could have sworn it was cilantro, not parsley. If this has happened to you, you’re not alone!

The on and off conversation happens here, too. Read your grocery list, glasses on. Navigate the aisles, glasses off. Read labels, glasses on. Shopping, whether for food or clothes or anything for that matter, can be hard when you have a difficult time reading up close. Be confident in your purchases (and save time) with the help of a longer-term presbyopia treatment.


Tired of wasting your time and ready to gain the freedom from your readers?

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